Thursday, April 30, 2009

Davori & Steve are Engaged!

Hey everybody -
Well, we had a wonderful time in Albuquerque (you should get extra points for being able to spell that). And we were priviledged to be there for the big engagement question.

Steve was so clever about how he asked. The night before, he and his Mom went to Davori's favorite Thai food place, and got several fortune cookies. Then he pulled the fortune out of one, inserted one with the big question, put it back in the carefully opened bag, and resealed it with a warm curling iron.

So the next night we went to The Orchid to eat, and when I saw the fortune cookies headed toward out table, I scooted Davori off to the ladies room, to give Steve & Pete a chance to exchange one. When we came back to the table, there was a fortune cookie on each place mat. So we all open ours, then Davori went last. When she opened it, the look that came over her face was priceless! She turned to look at Steve, and he was on one knee holding the open ring box! It was so CUTE! The great thing about it was that Steve has never been able to keep a secret from Davori in 4 years.

They have set the wedding date for Sept. 5, in our yard! Davori Rain Byrdsong, how's that for a name. We tease her that it sounds like a hippie. But, we are very happy, as we love Steve a lot, and will so enjoy having him for our Grandson!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holy Cow, Batman!!!! It's been three and a half months since I wrote anything. Talk about a slothful blogger!

Since last I wrote, I have become a great-grandmother again. My granddaughter Andrina (Marni's youngest) had a boy on March 28th. Can you believe it----a BOY! That makes two in our family. We also have a 14 year old grandson, Pnut. Two boys, and 11 girls (counting 3 daughters). Pete always says he's up to his hips in women. But, I think it's a little higher than than--chin maybe. Anyway, Drina's baby is named Michail Gage Baldonado-Barker. That's an awful lot of name for a 7#8oz. little one. He sure is cute. A sleeps most of the night already, which his mom and dad are grateful for.

We are going to Alququerque tomorrow to see our oldest granddaughter, Davori. She and her honey Steve, are going to be getting engaged while we are there. He is planning to officially pop the question and give her a ring in front of us. We are thrilled to be in on the excitement, as Davori is our girl. Very close to us!

Hallalejuah!!! Spring is FINALLY here. I so look forward to the warm weather, and the green popping up around us. I HATE THE COLD!

I'll try to do better about blogging, Sis. (Rae is on me all the time about it. You know she's a nudge!) Course, I can't promise.