Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pete has surgery

Last Wednesday, Oct. 8, Pete has arthoscopic surgery on his right knee. It all went well, and he has had no pain. I have had to get after him a little for not using the walker. He is supposed to use it and keep full weight off that leg until we see the Dr. next week. It just amazes me. I would probably be laying on the sofa moaning, groaning, and complaining all day. Oh, and making everyone wait on me, hand and foot. Come to think of it, shouldn't the queen be waited on that way all the time?

Tomorrow, we are going back to Rae's for a few days. I surely do miss her when we are apart. But, it's been a long time since I drove to the Valley, and never with Pete as a passenger. New experience. We have this long time standing arrangement - he drives, and I read. (Keeps you from worrying about the driving.)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Senior Cerebral Flatulation!

I just reread my blog. Is my life dull? My brains don't seem to be in gear this morning. Rae called to tell me when our next nail appointment would be, and right while I was on the phone with her I was writing it on the calendar. That's good, right? Trouble is, I told Pete when it was and when he looked at the calendar, I had written in on the day before! Nobody ever said it would be easy to get old, but they also don't tell you that it might be h---! Love you all!
Well, here we again. Yesterday we had a family barbq. We had about 16 people here. Vicki and here family. Melanie and her family, plus Randy Turley (Hailie's daddy) who is home on leave from the army. Sherri and her kids. Samantha and Pete & I.

Our little house feels really full when we all gather. But it was great having them all here.

It was the first time for Brittany's step-dad, Fred, to meet Randy. It went well (especially considering that when Brit first got pregnant Fred wanted to do murdfer.) Fred even wanted Melanie to take a picture of him with Randy & Hailie. Randy leaves the 20 or 22 for Fr. Riley, Kansas for schooling. But is supposed to ship out to Iraq in January. I don't see how his mother can take it, as his brother was killed over there. I pray for him daily, along with all our other young service members.

Samantha, Marni's middle girl, is here from California. She's trying to get a new start in life. I hope that this time will be successful for her. She's had a really rough time of it, mostly her own making. Today is her 20th birthday.

Today and tomorrow Pete is getting blood tests done before his surgery on Wednesday. The doctor wanted to be sure of his blood clotting, as he takes coumadin. Plus he has a history of blood clots, which adds a little to the risk.

Due to the family stuff going on this weekend, I was unable to watch any conference, except Sunday morning session, which was wonderful. This is the first time, I think, since 1986, that I've not seen, or listened to, all the sessions.

Have a great week out there! And God Bless you.