Monday, October 6, 2008

Senior Cerebral Flatulation!

I just reread my blog. Is my life dull? My brains don't seem to be in gear this morning. Rae called to tell me when our next nail appointment would be, and right while I was on the phone with her I was writing it on the calendar. That's good, right? Trouble is, I told Pete when it was and when he looked at the calendar, I had written in on the day before! Nobody ever said it would be easy to get old, but they also don't tell you that it might be h---! Love you all!


Rae said...

Don't feel like you are all alone with this problem. In all the excitement of Pete and Kathy being here, I forgot that my Visiting Teachers were coming, so I was not home when they came. They worried about it so much, that they called my neighbors,(who are in Utah) to find out if I was sick or something-- No just gettin gold!!

Lonna said...

Aunt Christine, I'm really worried about you since your not even elderly yet. What's going to happen when you are?? You'll forget my birthday or something equally as horrifing as that?