Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pete has surgery

Last Wednesday, Oct. 8, Pete has arthoscopic surgery on his right knee. It all went well, and he has had no pain. I have had to get after him a little for not using the walker. He is supposed to use it and keep full weight off that leg until we see the Dr. next week. It just amazes me. I would probably be laying on the sofa moaning, groaning, and complaining all day. Oh, and making everyone wait on me, hand and foot. Come to think of it, shouldn't the queen be waited on that way all the time?

Tomorrow, we are going back to Rae's for a few days. I surely do miss her when we are apart. But, it's been a long time since I drove to the Valley, and never with Pete as a passenger. New experience. We have this long time standing arrangement - he drives, and I read. (Keeps you from worrying about the driving.)


Rae said...

Can't wait to see you. Be careful.

Lisa said...

Tell Pete to use the walker. I use a walker on a daily basis. It's too much work to walk on my own all the time. That's just silly! Why waste effort when they make a device that will HELP you walk?!?!?!

Lonna said...

Tell Uncle Pete that I hope he gets better real soon and gets back to chasing you around! Have fun at Mom's. I'm sure glad you two live as close as you do so that you can check on each other often.